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BRAIN: We need to write something. Our last web journal entry is starting to grow fungi. Help me out here, will you?

HEART: Sorry. I am sorely uninspired. I need to be moved by someone or something to break into a passion-filled writing mode. Write about the office. You don’t need me to compose something about that.

BRAIN: I don’t want to make another corporate slave log – at least not yet. Too many people at work have been reading us. I might be compromising our “management persona.”

HEART: We’ve never been afraid of being busted before – why start?

BRAIN: The new President is coming in, remember? The whole company is in an ass-kissing frenzy. No harm in keeping it neutral. **tap tap tap** Let's get back to the present here. Our objective is to write the next blog ...

HEART: Okay, so how’s about an entry on how we met our husband.

BRAIN: Drivel.

HEART: Okay, so how’s about an entry on how we pick books.

BRAIN: What?! And tell the world you’re in charge of that? How we never look at reviews and how we walk the bookstore aisles for hours waiting for a book to “jump out” at us?

HEART: We make serendipitous finds that way.

BRAIN: Only after wading through thousands of paper- and hardbacks we’re embarrassed to say we actually read! We have got to buy a best-selling management book next time …

HEART: God forbid …

FINGERS: Excuse me, before you ask me to start typing, and perhaps while you two are having this animated discourse, can we get a manicure? Our nail color is chipping…

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